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Because the Transformation of the World begins with You

The Kundalini Healing Academy (KHA) is a Training Academy and a Space for Accompaniment throughout Your Process of Recognition and Deepening the Practice of Activating the Kundalini Energy.

Our mission as Academy is to help you

reconnect with your vital and creative energy – your Kundalini Energy. We specialize in accompanying you in your process of self-knowledge, while reminding you how to be one with your energy.

At the Academy we offer Training courses for Kundalini Energy Facilitators.

In these courses, you learn how to Activate your own Kundalini and acquire knowledge and practice to facilitate activation sessions for other people, whether individually or in a group.

The Kundalini Healing Academy Facilitator Training is

a 3-day Immersive Experience, in which we invite you to go further in yourself, in your self-knowledge and in your healing.
Our Training is not just learning the Kundalini Activation technique, but essentially it is a deep dive into your healing so that you can serve in the most aligned way.
For us, as Academy, serving is much more than proposing to help others in their healing. serving is above all being in Alignment, in Empowerment, in Authenticity.
After this Training you are qualified to Facilitate Activation Sessions if you wish to do so.


You get access to our community, where we share, learn and grow together. You can attend 1 online meeting in the 3 first months to take doubts and share. You may attend our Maintenance Training (scheduled from time to time so you can receive and facilitate sessions and keep the track on your process with the Energy, expanding more and more)

Next Kundalini Facilitator Training Course

from 08 until 10 of june, 2024
In Lisbon 


3-day Immersive Training in Lisbon

Course will be held in Portuguese and English

Sustained Healing Portal for you

Space for Growth, Self-Knowledge and Personal, Energetic and Spiritual Development

Along these 3 days, you will receive Training and content on the Kundalini Activation technique by the Kundalini Healing Academy and you will receive and facilitate several Activation sessions.
Energy is our Master and deepening is continuous.
The Academy highly emphasizes the practice of Kundalini Self Activation, in which you activate the Energy in yourself.
We recommend that after the course you have 7 days of rest and then do 21 days of Self Activation to recognize yourself more and more, while at the same time anchoring the technique within yourself. Integration of Practice within yourself is fundamental to then serving others.
In addition to the Training on Kundalini Energy, the Kundalini Healing Academy offers you several other experiences that complement your healing process over these 3 days.
We will have Breathwork, Yoga, Cacao Medicina Ritual, Dance, Meditation, and more.
The Academy recommends fasting for some part of the day to anyone who feels it and that during the 3 days the food diet is as natural and light as possible.
At lunchtime, we have a break with some food on offer, and we suggest you bring something for yourself, if you need a more substantial meal.
At the end of the 3 days, you will receive your Kundalini Healing Academy Certificate.

Training cost 1777 euros

(Availability of payment in installments up to 4 installments, in which the entire amount must be completed by the first day of the Training. Refunds are not considered after registration and payment)

This Immersive Training includes:

Kundalini Facilitator Training Course

from 08 until 10 of june, 2024 in Lisbon



Hello! The Academy’s next Facilitator Training will be between 08th and June 10th, 2024, in Lisboa.
This Training is a 3-day Immersive Experience in which, in addition to training you as a Kundalini Activation Facilitator and being able to Facilitate Others and yourself, you will integrate other additional experiences (Breathwork, Yoga, Cacao Medicine Ritual, Meditation) to Develop and Expand Your Energy Awareness. The Training costs 1777 euros. In this first contact, we would like to know a little more about you:

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